It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Unique Seed Educational Consult (USEC), a company which deals with educational consultancy, training for heads of schools, teacher training, career test and counselling, home schooling (special education needs), after school activities, inter alia.

Our main strength is in special need education,teacher training and coaching. We understand the frustrations that many parents and/or guardians with special children go through on daily basis. The high cost of education is sky rocketing coupled with therapy, unavailability of accurate information, and victimisation from the general public.

USEC is writing a new script for our special students. We intend to provide quality affordable home schooling and therapy, free parent’s counselling, coaching and mentoring our students on jobs that fit their talents or strength. Students will take part in weekly job experience followed by job placement after completion of our programmes and meeting the requirements of the company’s required standards.

Our students will be capable to work as news reporters, movie actors/actresses, comedians/comediennes, Master of Ceremony (MC), workers in the food and beverage companies, musicians, and beauty therapists among others. There is no limit to what a child with autism or other challenges can achieve in our institution. The society have underestimated our special ones for far too long and I believe together with parents and/or guardians, heads of schools, CEOs, we can change the perception that people have about those living with intellectual disability by giving them the opportunity to fulfil their dreams like everyone else.

Our special children are not demanding too much. They are only asking that we have faith in them; give them the opportunity that we give others. They might not be as perfect as those of their age mates, but given the opportunity, they will give their maximum best to contribute to the total development of mother Ghana.

USEC has positioned itself strategically in order to work with all stake holders in the educational sector in order to bring the desired educational change needed to push this country forward to the next stage.

I appreciate your time and energy for taking part in this movement to provide better education to our cherished children. Enjoy our website and feel free to contact our office for any additional information.

Thank you.


Christopher Klove