Support Us

The high cost of educating a special child in Ghana has limited many parents to get help for their children. Most of these parents simply lose hope and look up to the sky for mercy.

Despite the fact that USEC has offered similar or better educational programs at reduced cost, many parents are still not able to afford the cost.  As a country, we cannot pretend these parents do not exist. A friend once questioned the logic behind making senior high school free while those who are paying so much to educate their special children have being neglected. The cost of seeing therapist, buying drugs, pampers, to mention but a few are very expensive.

We believe the government is working around the clock to resolve the plight of these group of parents but before we could get to that help, some parents needs immediate assistance so USEC want to rely on donations from the government of Ghana, NGOs, Prominent people in society and kind hearted people to be able to provide support to needy parents who are not able to pay anything at all. Donations will be used to provide free of charge services to those who cannot afford our services but need assistance urgently.  

We wish to expend the scope of our support to cover the entire country with a hotline where parents with special needs children in any part of Ghana, can directly call and get assistance.

We also need volunteer in the following fields.

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • ABA Therapy
  • Physio Therapy
  • Special Needs trained or experienced teachers.

To assist us drive our vision home by 2025.

Cash donations from individuals can be sent to the company account or via Mobile Money on +233275251244.The name is Unique Seed Edu Consult.Information on the bank account number is available on demand.

Companies in the Accra Metropolis can contact us, or permit our students to use their facilities for practical work, attachment or provide them with part-time employment in areas such as packaging, assembling, cleaning and assisting in any capacity that is appropriate.

Every cash donation and disbursement will be available to the general public at all time in order to encourage transparency and accountability in our services.

We look forward to that support. Someone, somewhere needs assistance right now.