Home schooling programmes are key programmes for parents who want their wards to learn at home for personal reasons. We also design a weekly swimming schedule for this group of students as well as monthly outing and annual excursions. These events are meant to encourage social life among those learning from home.


Home schooling curriculum is a project learning approach. This is purely practical where students produce physical things from which they learn about everyday life.


Our home school curriculum is designed to provide the child with a unique learning experience. The curriculum is centred on practical work and projects that have to do with everyday life. A child who cannot dress himself/herself for example will follow a practical process of learning to dress through activities and direct trials. The child could do projects on dressing up a doll, first with minimal support, then by himself or herself. Same for other independent life skills necessary for the child’s total independence.


The students have the opportunity to interact with others every Friday during swimming sessions. The benefits for our swimming sessions are enormous for the students. These range from gross motor to cognitive skills, to muscle strength and endurance and improvement in overall communication skills. Swimming fosters courage, confidence, and trust. It helps to develop friendships. It is great for socialization and relaxation. Our special ones need this exercise at least once a week.


We also take pride in monthly outings from super markets to restaurants and industries where our students are allowed to work for few minutes to a maximum of one hour doing packaging, assembling or cleaning.

The annual excursion is designed to bring satisfaction, relaxation and learning to students. A visit to some selected factories around the country, games and other learning activities are some of the few items on the week long excursion. Other special students from other schools are encouraged to apply. A qualified nurse will be with the students 24/7 for the week long activities.


Parents are encouraged to enrol their wards with USEC