Career seminars

Career seminars are organised every 4 months in order to expose both typical and special ones to career opportunities out there in the world of work.

The idea is to encourage typical and special ones to develop interest in something that is already in them, and they didn’t know, or to expose them to new careers. The world of work is getting bigger and bigger with every sunrise and it’s time we encourage our special ones to join the stage and show the world their unique talents.

During career seminars, students are exposed to almost all the careers in the world. They are also encouraged to create opportunities for themselves through entrepreneurship.

Prominent people in the society will be invited to talk to students about their careers, and how students can prepare themselves in order to take advantage of their career choices.

The date, Venue and time will be advertised a month before the program. We encourage parents and students from other schools to attend.

One week Social and Educational Trip.

Outstanding week long annual excursions program to explore other parts of the country, socialize with friends and families, share experience and have fun together. Registration begins in May, 2020.

Activities include a visit to the Slave Castle in Cape Coast, Hans Cottage, Kakum National Park, etc.

We encourage parents by adding a sister, brother or a known family member to their special one/s.

Baby Sitting Services

There is a special service available for babysitting during the month of June, July and August. There is always someone special to take care of that special ones or baby when you are busy running errands or traveling out of the country for a short period of time etc.

Schools can subscribe to monthly training for a period of one year with amazing discounts.

We aim to becoming the biggest private teacher training institution in Ghana by 2025.

We also encourage heads of schools to subscribe for career funfair to enlighten students with all the career opportunities out there in the world.

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