About Us

[stm_infobox image=”3922″]Motto: We make it Possible.

Our Vision:

To influence the educational sector by providing vital services to head of schools, parents and students in order to create a network that facilitates inclusion, the flow of information and acquisition of knowledge and skills for all students by 2025.

Our Mission Statement

To be able to provide quality home school programs that enhance individual talents, nurture them and prepare them for total independence.[/stm_infobox]


Unique Seed Educational Consult (USEC) is made up of a group of young professionals who are poised to bring a certain desired change in our educational system through general educational consultations.

The aim of our organisation is to support various schools, NGOs and government agencies in the educational sector across Ghana and beyond in the following areas:

  1. Equipping teachers with the 21st century best teaching practices.
  2. Encouraging the youth to discover their God-given talents through seminars, training and coaching.
  3. Exposing the youth to the various career options around them and in the world of work.
  4. Career test for teenagers and secondary school students.
  5. Career counselling.
  6. Home schooling (Special needs).
  7. Special needs services (Facilitating children in typical schools, therapy, etc.).
  8. Individual Intelligent Test (Special needs assessment).
  9. Adult education, including computer literacy.
  10. Structured-after-school activities.